Tidslinje: Den nordkoreanska robotkrisen

Det här är en tidslinje för den nordkoreanska robotkrisen som började tidigt förra året. Datumet jag har valt som ”inledningen” till den här krisen är ett tweet som USA:s dåvarande president-elect Donald Trump skickade den tredje januari, alltså någon vecka innan han installerades i Vita Huset.

”North Korea just stated that it is in the final stages of developing a nuclear weapon capable of reaching parts of the U.S. It won’t happen!”

Jag är öppen för att revidera den här tidslinjen. Det finns många andra rimliga startpunkter att utgå ifrån, men jag valde den tredje januari eftersom det var då den inkommande amerikanske presidenten deklarerade en s k ”röd linje” att USA inte skulle tolerera att Nordkorea har förmågan att slå mot USA:s territorium.

Eftersom den här tidslinjen skapas mer än ett år efter krisen började kommer det ta ett tag innan den är helt komplett.


3 jan 2017:

POTUS-elect Trump twittrar ”North Korea just stated that it is in the final stages of developing a nuclear weapon capable of reaching parts of the U.S. It won’t happen!”

Kort därefter twittrar han också ”China has been taking out massive amounts of money & wealth from the U.S. in totally one-sided trade, but won’t help with North Korea. Nice!”

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9 januari 2017:

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12 januari 2017:

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25 januari 2017:

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30 januari 2017:

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2 februari 2017:

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3 februari 2017:

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12 februari:

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4 mars 2017:

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6 mars 2017:

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5 april 2017:

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7 april 2017:

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10 april 2017:

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17 april 2017:

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18 april 2017:

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27 april 2017:

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28 april 2017:

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2 maj 2017:

New York Times: Trump Follows Instincts, Not Establishment, With Overtures to Kim and Duterte

10 maj 2017:

Moon Jae-in installeras som ny president i Sydkorea.

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11 maj 2017:

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12 maj 2017:

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13 maj 2017:

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23 maj 2017:

The Intercept: Read the full transcript of Trump’s call with Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte    

30 maj 2017:

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31 maj 2017:

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12 juni 2017:

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13 juni 2017:

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15 juni 2017:

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16 juni 2017:

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21 juni 2017:

Blå Huset: The President Meets with CFR President Richard Haass

New York Times: China Falls Short on Curbing North Korea, Trump Says

23 juni 2017:

Blå Huset: The President Visits Test Site of the Agency for Defense Development

28 juni 2017:

Blå Huset: The President Attends the Korea-U.S. Business Summit

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29 juni 2017:

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30 juni 2017:

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2 juli 2017:

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3 juli 2017:

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5 juli 2017:

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8 juli 2017:

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28 juli 2017:

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6 augusti 2017:

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8 augusti 2017:

CNBC: Trump warns North Korea threats ’will be met with fire and fury’

14 augusti 2017:

Vita Huset: Mattis and Tillerson: “We’re Holding Pyongyang to Account”

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17 augusti 2017:

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New York Times: Bannon’s Dovish Side Emerges as He Contradicts Trump on North Korea

29 augusti 2017:

Vita Huset: Statement by President Donald J. Trump on North Korea

30 augusti 2017:

New York Times: Trump Says He Will Not Talk to North Korea. Experts Fear He Will.

Associated Press: Analysis: Is North Korea winning deterrence war with US?

1 september 2017:

Vita Huset: Readout of President Donald J. Trump’s Call with President Moon Jae-In of South Korea

2 september 2017:

New York Times: North Korean Nuclear Test Draws U.S. Warning of ‘Massive Military Response’

4 september 2017:

Vita Huset: Readout of President Donald J. Trump’s Call with President Moon Jae-In of South Korea

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6 september 2017:

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19 september 2017:

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21 september 2017:

Vita Huset: Remarks by President Trump and President Moon of the Republic of Korea Before Bilateral Meeting

22 september 2017:

New York Times: Full Text of Kim Jong-un’s Response to President Trump

Vita Huset: Joint Readout of the Meeting between President Donald J. Trump of the United States and President Moon Jae-in of South Korea

1 november:

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11 november:

New York Times: Trump to Asia: Unite on North Korea, but Go It Alone on Trade

20 november 2017:

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30 november 2017:

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8 mars 2018:

Vita Huset: Remarks by Republic of Korea National Security Advisor Chung Eui-Yong

9 mars 2018:

Bulletin of Atomic Scientists: Meet me in Pyongyang: an interview with Siegfried Hecker

23 mars 2018:

Radio Free Asia: Trump-Kim Talks to be ’A Very Short Meeting’ if Pyongyang Won’t Discuss Denuclearization

25-28 mars 2018:

Kim Jong-un gör sin första resa utomlands sedan han tog makten i Nordkorea 2011 genom att besöka Beijing för samtal med Kinas president Xi Jinping. 

29 mars 2018:

AP News: North Korean nuclear site more active ahead of Kim meetings

The Asahi Shimbun: N. Korea’s elite told a summit with Japan could come in June

Washington Post: Trump and Kim Jong Un have a lot in common. Is that a good thing?

Kinesiska utrikesministeriet: Yang Jiechi Holds Talks with National Security Adviser Chung Eui-yong of the ROK

30 mars 2018:

Financial Times:  China uses economic muscle to bring N Korea to negotiating table

The Korea Times: Libya case not applicable to NK: Cheong Wa Dae

Vita Huset: Remarks by President Trump on the Infrastructure Initiative

New York Times: Trump, Lacking Leverage Over North Korea, Takes Aim at South Instead

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31 mars 2018:

ChinaFile: Nixon in China, Trump in Pyongyang

1 april 2018:

Arirang: China proposes peace treaty to replace Korean War armistice

2 april 2018:

The Japan Times:Xi pitched four-way security parley to Trump that includes Koreas but leaves out Japan: sources

3 april 2018:

Yonhap News Agency: S. Korea seeks denuclearization declaration from summit with N. Korea: official

38North: Kim Jong Un Goes to China: Mending A Weathered Alliance

The Chosun Ilbo: Seoul Prioritizes Summit of 2 Koreas with U.S.

Korea Joonang Daily: Blue House describes its nuclear plan for North

4 april 2018:

New York Times: The Word That Could Help the World Avoid Nuclear War

The Korea Herald: Preparations for inter-Korean, US summits accelerate

The Korea Herald: Seoul-Pyongyang hotline likely to be discussed this week

UPI: South Korea using executive powers to drive detente with North

5 april 2018:

Reuters: North Korea’s Kim told Xi he wanted to resume six-party disarmament talks – Nikkei 

6 april 2018:

Hani: US and North Korean intelligence agencies to initiate working-level talks

8 april 2018:

Wall Street Journal: North Korea Ready to Discuss Denuclearization, U.S. Officials Say

9 april 2018:

TASS: North Korea’s foreign minister arrives in Moscow

Reuters: Trump says will meet with North Korean leader in May or early June

Wall Street Journal: North Korea’s Kim Jong Un Confirms Summit With U.S.

10 april 2018:

Reuters: U.S. envoy meets families of Japanese abducted by North Korea

Business Insider: The US and South Korean military appear to be trying not to give North Korea an excuse for more provocations

11 april 2018:

New York Times: U.S. and North Korea in ‘Detailed’ Talks on Trump-Kim Meeting, South Says

House of Representatives: “North Korea’s Diplomatic Gambit: Will History Repeat Itself?”

12 april 2018:

The Dong-A Ilbo: U.S. considers opening embassy, liaison office in Pyongyang

Senate Foreign Relations: Statement for the Record before the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations – The Honorable Mike Pompeo

The Korea Times: Trump to demand North Korea’s denuclearization by year end: report

14 april 2018:

Stars and Stripes: Trump, Abe to meet as US-Japan relationship shows strains over North Korea, trade

Reuters: North Korean leader meets Chinese senior official, fetes Chinese art troupe

15 april 2018:

The Japan Times:  As Kim-Trump summit approaches, Syria strikes evoke memories of Gadhafi’s gruesome fate for North Korea

18 april 2018:

Washington Post: CIA Director Mike Pompeo secretly met with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un

20 april 2018:

New York Times: ‘We No Longer Need’ Nuclear or Missile Tests, North Korean Leader Says

21 april 2018:

The Guardian: North Korea’s nuclear pause: grist for both doves and hawks

The Sydney Morning Herald: After six tests, the mountain hosting North Korea’s nuclear blasts may be exhausted

FN: Statement attributable to the Spokesman for the Secretary-General on the Korean Peninsula

Wall Street Journal: North and South Korea Open First Direct Phone Line Between Leaders

Fox News: North Korea reportedly assured Pompeo that release of 3 detainees could be joined with upcoming summit

Reuters: Japan defence minister says it’s not the time to ease pressure on North Korea – Kyodo

Yonhap News Agency: N.K. decides to suspend nuclear, missile tests, shut down atomic test site

Korea Joongang Daily: Haste is dangerous

New York Times: Will Kim Jong-un Trade His Nuclear Arsenal to Rebuild Economy?

New York Times: What Does Kim Jong-un Want? U.S. Fears Answer Is ‘Give a Little, Gain a Lot’

26 april 2018:

New York Times: Korea Talks Begin as Kim Jong-un Crosses to South’s Side of DMZ

Vita Huset: Statement from the Press Secretary on the Inter-Korean Summit

27 april 2018:

New York Times: North and South Korea Set Bold Goals: A Final Peace and No Nuclear Arms

Yonhap News Agency: Full text of joint declaration issued at inter-Korean summit

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Reuters: North Korea test site still usable, closure easily reversed – U.S. intelligence

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28 april 2018:

Reuters: North Korean media hails summit as Trump presses for full denuclearization

New York Times: As Two Koreas Talk Peace, Trump’s Bargaining Chips Slip Away

29 april 2018:

New York Times: Kim Says He’ll Give Up Weapons if U.S. Promises Not to Invade

Yonhap News Agency: Moon offers to broker N. Korea-Japan talks

The Korea Times: N. Korean leader shifts gear to economy

KBS World Radio: Koreas May Hold Military, Red Cross, High-level Talks in May

Military Times: Mattis: North Korea will need to build trust as peace agreement advances

CNN: US doubles down on tracking North Korea ahead of Trump, Kim meeting

Fox News: Bolton seeks vow from North Korea to abandon nuclear program, as prerequisite for summit

30 april 2018:

UPI: Kim Jong Un displayed humor, courtesy during summit, Seoul says

South China Morning Post: China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi to visit North Korea this week

The Atlantic: Kim Jong Un Is Manipulating the World

Foreign Policy: Optimism About Korea Will Kill Us All 

1 maj 2018:

North Korea Tech: How North Korean media covered the Inter-Korean summit

NBC News: Kelly thinks he’s saving U.S. from disaster, calls Trump ’idiot,’ say White House staffers

3 maj 2018:

New York Times: Trump Orders Pentagon to Consider Reducing U.S. Forces in South Korea

Washington Post: Should Kim get the credit for the Korean detente?

5 maj 2018:

The Economist: An outbreak of summitry is a relief for South Koreans

6 maj 2018:

BBC: US ’provocation’ threatens peace, says North Korea

The Mainichi: N. Korea says Japan must adapt to join diplomatic fray

New York Times: Verifying the End of a Nuclear North Korea ‘Could Make Iran Look Easy’

8 maj 2018:

The Telegraph: Xi Jinping and Kim Jong-un in second meeting in China

9 maj 2018:

The Hill: What does Kim Jong Un want? America must tread carefully

11 maj 2018:

State Department: Remarks With Republic of Korea Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha at a Press Availability

Arms Control Wonk: Snooping on Denuclearization 

New York Times: On U.S.-North Korea Talks, China May Hold the Cards

The Strait Times: China’s President Xi Jinping may also travel to Singapore when Trump meets Kim: Report

AP: 2 trips to North Korea with top US diplomat, 18 years apart

12 maj 2018:

The Korea Times: North Korea says taking ’technical measures’ to dismantle nuclear test site

Yonhap News Agency: N. Korea to publicly dismantle nuclear test site between May 23-25

13 maj 2018:

Yonhap News Agency: Ruling party welcomes, opposition party downplays N.K.’s pledge to dismantle nuclear test site

State Department: Interview With Chris Wallace of Fox News Sunday

14 maj 2018:

UPI: Ex-diplomat Thae Yong-ho: North Korea likely to limit denuclearization

15 maj 2018:

Yonhap News Agency: N. Korea will always be recessed nuclear weapons state: Gallucci

New York Times: North Korea Threatens to Call Off Summit Meeting With Trump

New Yorker: Just How Fragile Is Trump’s North Korea Diplomacy?

National Review: Negotiations with Pyongyang: Are We Ready for This Uphill Battle?

16 maj 2018:

Yonhap News Agency: N. Korea threatens to cancel U.S. summit over S. Korea-U.S. military drills

CNN: White House downplays Bolton comments after North Korea outcry

17 maj 2018:

Reuters: U.S. demanded North Korea ship some nuclear warheads, ICBM abroad within six months: media

Washington Post: South Korea asks: Who is that mystery man with Pompeo and Kim?

18 maj 2018:

UPI: South Korean presidential aide ’very disturbed,’ retracts U.S. alliance statement

Yonhap News Agency: China denies Trump’s view that Xi could be influencing N. Korea

38North: Pyongyang’s Brushback Pitch

Korea Joongang Daily: Xi told Kim he’ll support him even if Trump meeting fails

19 maj 2018:

Yonhap News Agency: N. Korean diplomat arrives in China

New York Times: Ending the Dead End in North Korea

20 maj 2018:

Washington Post: Trump, South Korean leader commiserate over upcoming summit

The Atlantic: What the North Koreans Told Me About Their Plans

New York Times: Trump Grappling With Risks of Proceeding With North Korea Meeting

21 maj 2018:

Yonhap News Agency: U.S. senator: Trump wants to end N.K. crisis in first term

27 maj 2018:

New York Times: U.S. and North Korean Officials Race to Resurrect Trump-Kim Meeting

31 maj 2018:

Yonhap News Agency: China expresses intention to play role in declaring formal end to Korean War

2 juni 2018:

CNN: Kim’s tunnel explosions a goodwill gesture? Not so fast

New York Times: Trump Veers to a Korea Plan That Echoes Failures of the Past

7 juni 2018:

Politico: Trump and Bolton spurn top-level North Korea planning

8 juni 2018:

Brookings Institution: With Kim Jong-un, Trump is mirror-imaging. That’s a mistake.

11 juni 2018:

New York Times: For All His Deals, Trump Has Never Faced an Adversary Like Kim Jong-un

12 juni 2018:

Vita Huset: Press Conference by President Trump

New York Times: North Korea Is a Nuclear Power. Get Used to It.

Reuters: China suggests North Korea sanctions relief as Trump, Kim meet

13 juni 2018:

Washington Post: Kim Jong Un pulls off a magic trick

Lowy Institute: Trump–Kim summit: negotiating weakness

Washington Times: Pence says U.S. will use ’trust but verify’ model with North Korea

Reuters: Japan’s defence minister says U.S.-South Korean military drills ’vital’

Military Times: President Trump has ordered the Pentagon to cancel military exercises with South Korea — what happens next?

Slate: The Kim Con

14 juni 2018:

UPI: South Korea’s Moon Jae-in: Joint drills should be ’reviewed’

Reuters: North Korean official hands a message to Putin from Kim Jong Un

Yonhap News Agency: Pompeo says U.S., allies will push for ’CVID,’ Kim understands need for quick denuclearization

15 juni 2018:

Financial Times: Kim Jong Un, the young despot turned diplomat

16 juni 2018:

Yonhap News Agency: Trump says he gave N.K. leader direct phone number to call

17 juni 2018:

Yonhap News Agency: S. Korea proposes movement of N.K. long-range artillery away from border: sources

The Korea Times: ’The ball is in North Korea’s court’

The Korea Times: Post US-NK summit diplomacy accelerates

Yonhap News Agency: Koreas to hold flurry of talks over sports, family reunions, railway connections

Reuters: South Korea, U.S. to announce suspension of major military drills this week: Yonhap

New York Times: A Financier’s Profit-Minded Mission to Open a Channel Between Kushner and North Korea

18 juni 2018:

Korea Joongang Daily: Seoul wants Pyongyang’s artillery moved back

20 juni 2018:

Nikkei: Kim showcases unity with Xi on denuclearization

New York Times: As Kim Ends Beijing Visit, China and North Korea Craft New Messages

21 juni 2018:

Yonhap News Agency: U.S. defense chief to visit S. Korea over military exercises

25 juni 2018:

Reuters: U.S. to give North Korea post-summit timeline with ’asks’ soon: official

CNN: Pompeo says no timeline on North Korea negotiations

26 juni 2018:

The Japan Times: North Korea says it will ignore Japan until Tokyo scraps military drills, other measures

Yonhap News Agency: U.N. Command to receive remains of troops killed in Korean War

38 North: Infrastructure Improvements at North Korea’s Yongbyon Nuclear Research Facility

27 juni 2018:

Reuters: North Korea understands U.S. on ’complete denuclearization’: Pompeo

28 juni 2018:

Arirang: No clear North Korea denuclearization roadmap as U.S. issues mixed messages on progress

Fox News: Kim Jong Un ordered army officer executed after giving soldiers extra food: report

NPR: What I Learned From Long Months Of North Korea Talks

Yonhap News Agency: Pompeo to visit N. Korea next week for nuclear talks: report

Stars & Stripes: Japan pushing forward on missile defense despite North Korea thaw

US Defense Department: Remarks by Secretary Mattis with South Korean Defense Minister Song Young-moo in South Korea Prior to Bilateral Meeting

Reuters: Sanctions stay till North Korea takes ’irreversible’ steps: South Korea, U.S. defense chiefs

29 juni 2018:

Korea Joongang Daily: U.S. troops not leaving soon, says Joseph Yun

Yonhap News Agency: Trump says won’t rush negotiations with N. Korea

30 juni 2018:

NBC News: North Korea has increased nuclear production at secret sites, say U.S. officials

Politico: ‘Nobody in the bullpen’: White House approaches North Korea talks without envoy

1 juli 2018:

New York Times: As Bolton Says North Korea Could Disarm in a Year, Reality Lags Promises

Hankyoreh: Trump’s Investment in North Korea

CBS News: Transcript: National security adviser John Bolton on ”Face the Nation,”

2 juli 2018:

NK News: North Korean, U.S. officials resumed Panmunjom talks over weekend: State

Axios: Scoop: Trump may hold Round 2 with Kim Jong-un in NYC

BBC: Is North Korea secretly continuing its nuclear programme?

Washington Post: President Trump’s exaggerated claims about the North Korea deal

Politico: Why I’m Still Hopeful About Trump’s North Korea Deal

Real Clear Defense: North Korea: There Is No Such Thing As Stable Deterrence

4 juli 2018:

New York Times: How Trump Went From ‘Fire and Fury’ to Dismissing North Korean Nuclear Advances

5 juli 2018:

Reuters: U.S. softens North Korea approach as Pompeo prepares for more nuclear talks

The Economist: How to denuclearise North Korea

UPI: Report: Kim, Xi agreed U.S. troops should leave South Korea

6 juli 2018:

The Atlantic: South Korea’s Ambassador Has a Message for All the North Korea Skeptics

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists: Kim Jong-un’s long game

Wall Street Journal: North Korea Submarine Development Signals Increased Nuclear Threat

7 juli 2018:

Washington Post: North Korean negotiator teases and flatters as Pompeo enters second day of talks

The Mainichi: US, N. Korea set up working groups on denuclearization

Associated Press: Pompeo wraps up talks in N. Korea without seeing Kim Jong Un

New York Times: Pompeo and North Korean Official Meet for 2nd Day of Talks

9 juli 2018:

NKNews: After the Pyongyang debacle, it’s not clear where U.S. policy goes from here

38North: What the North Koreans Really Said on July 7

10 juli 2018:

The National Interest: The Trump-Kim Meeting is Not Like Nixon Opening China

11 juli 2018:

CSIS: Kim Jong Un’s Long Game

UPI: North Korea’s Ri Su Yong visits Moscow

10 juli 2018:

The Atlantic: America’s Moment of Truth With North Korea Is Coming

38North: The Singapore Summit in Perspective: Lessons from the Israeli-Arab Conflict

South China Morning Post: North Korean leader Kim Jong-un heads back to China border on economy-first mission

ABC News: 28 hours in Pyongyang: Reporter’s notebook

UPI: Japan seeks tougher North Korea nuclear inspections

The Strait Times: South Korea scraps annual government war drill as talks with North go on

12 juli 2018:

Yonhap News Agency: Defense chief cautions against rising speculation over arms control, stresses trust building

Korea Joongang Daily: A dicey declaration

13 juli 2018:

Yonhap News Agency: Confusion flares over talks on return of U.S. troop remains

The Diplomat: Exclusive: Revealing Kangson, North Korea’s First Covert Uranium Enrichment Site

15 juli 2018:

State Department: General Officer-Level Talks Between the United States and the DPRK on the Repatriation of Remains

Washington Post: For South Korean conservatives, Trump adds to deep political problems

16 juli 2018:

Yonhap News Agency: Foreign minister welcomes Harris as new U.S. ambassador

18 juli 2018:

Bloomberg: Kim’s Testy Factory Trips Show Push to Fix North Korea Economy

Vita Huset: Remarks by President Trump in Meeting with Cabinet Members

Reuters: Trump says Russia to ’help with North Korea’

19 juli 2018:

Council on Foreign Relations: North Korea’s Power Structure

Voice of America: US Digs in for Long-Term North Korea Nuclear Talks

20 juli 2018:

Wall Street Journal: North Korea Signals Reluctance on Reunions, Nuclear Program

Yahoo News: US pushes UN to maintain sanctions pressure on NKorea

21 juli 2018:

Washington Post: In private, Trump vents frustration over lack of progress on North Korea

23 juli 2018:

GQ: The Untold Story of Otto Warmbier, American Hostage

Korea Joongang Daily: Seoul needs sanctions exemption, official says

24 juli 2018:

Yonhap News Agency: U.S. says peace regime with N.K. after denuclearization

South China Morning Post: Senior North Korean official visits China as Pyongyang’s drive to get sanctions lifted continues

CNN: US preparing for transfer of troop remains from North Korea amid uncertainty

Voice of America: Trump ’Appreciates’ Signs N. Korea Dismantling Launch Site

25 juli 2018:

Korea Economic Institute: The Jig Is Not Yet Up: Kim Jong-un Turns To Cyber Crime

Radio Free Asia: North Korea’s Ruling Party Informs Officials Kim Regime Will Not Give Up Nukes

The Diplomat: US Intelligence: North Korean Engine Dismantlement at Sohae Reversible ‘Within Months’

26 juli 2018:

The Korea Herald:  NK’s UN envoy to be replaced

Yonhap News Agency:  Allies agree to keep sanctions until N. Korea takes ’concrete, verifiable’ denuclearization steps

Reuters:  When to end the war? North Korea, U.S. at odds over path to peace

27 juli 2018:

The Nation: An Audacious Proposal for a US–North Korean Alliance

NKNews: DPRK avoids anti-U.S. rhetoric, praises ties with China on armistice anniversary

28 juli 2018:

The Korea Times: North Korea launches team to mend ties with Japan: report

29 juli 2018:

Wall Street Journal: Touring North Korean Farms and Factories, Kim Jong Un Signals a Shift

30 juli 2018:

Yonhap News Agency: S. Korean foreign minister to pitch for Korea peace at regional forums

Washington Post: U.S. spy agencies: North Korea is working on new missiles

31 juli 2018:

Reuters: U.S. says it expects North Korea to uphold promise to give up nuclear arms

1 augusti 2018:

The Chosun IlboSeoul’s Spy Chief to Arrange Fresh Summit with N.Korea

4 augusti 2018:

New York Times: U.S. Isn’t Holding Up Its End of Nuclear Deal, North Korean Envoy Charges

5 augusti 2018:

Yonhap News Agency: 3 more ships suspected of carrying N.K. coal enter S. Korean ports

South China Morning Post: China may seek to end US military presence in Korean peninsula after South opens door to greater role for Beijing in peace talks

7 augusti 2018:

Reuters: White House adviser Bolton urges North Korea to act on denuclearization

8 augusti 2018:

Vox: Exclusive: Pompeo told North Korea to cut its nuclear arsenal by 60 to 70 percent

Daily NK: North Korean state security agent shares thoughts on sanctions, defectors and life in North Korea

9 augusti 2018:

Yonhap News Agency: Moon’s approval rating plunges to record low

NK News: Peace deal must come before denuclearization, insists North Korean media

UPI: Report: North Korea preparing military parade

New York Times: How South Koreans Are Reckoning With a Changing American Military Presence

10 augusti 2018:

Reuters: North Korea chides U.S. sanctions pressure on denuclearization process

South China Morning Post: China helps Russia thwart US bid to freeze bank’s assets over ‘North Korea sanctions dodge’

NK News: N. Korea will retain “nuclear science” following disarmament: foreign minister

12 augusti 2018:

NBC News: Ryan Hass Trump did not solve the North Korea problem in Singapore — in fact, the threat has only grown

14 augusti 2018:

Korea Times: Seoul wants US, China to declare end to Korean War

17 augusti 2018:

New York Times: North Korea Presses Demand for End of War Amid Talk of Pompeo Visit

18 augusti 2018:

KBS World Radio: US Proposes N. Korea Ship 50% of Warheads to UK

Washington Post: After detente with North Korea, Trump increasingly takes aim at a new foe — China

22 augusti 2018:

The Guardian: North Korea is still developing nuclear weapons, says IAEA

25 augusti 2018:

New York Times: Is China Undermining Efforts to Disarm North Korea? Not Yet, Analysts Say

26 augusti 2018:

The Guardian: North Korean newspaper condemns ’double-dealing’ US after Pompeo trip called off

The Mainichi: Ship-to-ship transfers a ’big loophole’ in N. Korea sanctions: Kono

Reuters: Japanese expelled from North Korea arrives in China – Kyodo

Korea Times: Seoul still hopeful on denuclearization talks

27 augusti 2018:

Wall Street Journal: Canceled Pompeo Trip Tests South’s Strategy to Win Over North Korea

28 augusti 2018:

Yonhap News Agency: Need for third Moon-Kim summit growing: Cheong Wa Dae

Washington Post: ‘I remember Pearl Harbor’: Inside Trump’s hot and cold relationship with Japan’s prime minister

Bloomberg: Japan Still Sees ‘Imminent’ Threat From North Korea

New York Times: Pentagon May Restart Major War Games Amid Rising Tensions With North Korea

29 augusti 2018:

Hankyoreh: Pompeo’s NK visit cancelled because of demands for immediate end-of-war declaration, NIS says

Vox: Exclusive: Trump promised Kim Jong Un he’d sign an agreement to end the Korean War

6 november 2018:

New York Times: What Do North Korean Gymnastics Say About Kim Jong-un’s Politics?

7 november 2018:

New York Times: Diplomacy Appears Stalled With North Korea, Despite Trump’s Declarations

12 november 2018:

New York Times: In North Korea, Missile Bases Suggest a Great Deception

19 november 2018:

The Economist: Why there has been no progress in nuclear talks with North Korea

21 november 2018:

Stars and Stripes: US, South Korea to scale back Foal Eagle exercise this spring

22 november 2018:

Reuters: Kim Jong Who? South Korea revamps the way students study North Korea

26 november 2018:

UPI: U.S., North Korea high-level talks delayed again, report says

27 november 2018:

FPRI: North Korea: South Korea’s Problem, and its Solution?

4 december 2018:

New York Times: Trump to Meet With Kim Jong-un, Despite North Korea’s Lapses, Bolton Says

14 december 2018:

Bloomberg: Trump Needs Patience, Pressure to Sway Kim, Ex-Negotiator Says

16 december 2018:

New York Times: Hard-Line U.S. Tactics Will ‘Block’ Path to Denuclearization, North Korea Warns

17 december 2018:

Washington Post: South Korea envisions a building boom in the North. But Pyongyang still relies on ‘forced labor’ brigades.

18 december 2018:

The Japan Times: U.S. and North Korea in holding pattern ahead of Kim New Year’s address and second leaders’ summit

20 december 2018:

NK News: Why a new North Korean statement on denuclearization should come as no surprise

22 december 2018:

The Hill: North Korea just gave a clue on how to end its nuclear program; we should listen

24 december 2018:

War on the Rocks: Diplomacy Without Denuclearization

26 december 2018:

The Chosun Ilbo: N.Korea’s Elite Trembles Amid Massive Purge

Korea Joongang Daily: Excessive Demands

27 december 2018:

Washington Post: Can Trump revive his deal with North Korea?

1 januari 2019:

Yonhap News Agency: N.K. leader’s speech provides impetus for stalled nuclear talks, but cautions linger

30 september 2019:

CSIS: JoongAng Ilbo-CSIS Forum 2019: Keynote, John R. Bolton

3 oktober 2019:

38North: North Korea’s New Pukguksong-3 Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missile

5 oktober 2019:

Korea Joongang Daily: SLBM launch may not have used submarine

Yonhap News Agency: Trump: U.S.-N.K. meeting being set up

7 oktober 2019:

38North: Maximum Pressure Against North Korea, RIP

8 oktober 2019:

State Department: Readout of Special Representative Biegun’s Meetings with ROK Special Representative for Korean Peninsula Peace and Security Ambassador Lee Do-hoon and Japanese Director General for Asian and Oceanian Affairs Shigeki Takizaki

9 oktober 2019:

Korea Joongang Daily: North condemns UNSC meeting

The Korea Herald: UNSC says North Korea’s SLBM launch violates resolutions

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