Reihan Salam: Why Donald Trump is losing the battle to restrict immigration

Reihan Salam i Slate:

If certain people in the Trump White House really are spoiling for a fight, it’s a fight they won’t be able to win. Today’s very visible battle over whether America should welcome refugees, immigrants, and visitors from a handful of war-torn Muslim-majority countries will shrink the restrictionist coalition, not grow it. Cosmopolitans and free-market expansionists will be united and energized in their opposition to the executive order. Classic exclusionists—the people who care about preserving America’s white racial majority—might rally to Trump’s defense. And nationalist egalitarians—who worry more about immigration’s impact on the working class than they do about the supposed security threat posed by 70-year-old Iranian-born green-card holders who’ve lived in America for decades—will fall silent. For the Trump White House, that’s a losing formula.

Läs hela kolumnen: Incompetent President vs. United Front.

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