Cecilia Malmström: The Future of EU Trade Policy

Den svenska EU-kommissionären Cecilia Malmström gav häromdagen ett mycket bra anförande vid tankesmedjan Bruegel om framtiden för EU:s handelspolitik. I samband med president Donald Trumps omorientering av amerikansk utrikespolitik, vars fulla konsekvenser vi inte riktigt vet ännu, är Malmströms anförande välkommet.

I anförandet säger hon bland annat:

In this New Year, more than ever, it is important the EU shows confidence and leadership. Confidence on the strength of our Union, even if that is going to be a Union at 27. Even then, the EU will remain the largest trading partner and a committed trade negotiator, open for trade and investment, acting responsibly and in accordance with our values. Supporting globalisation and shaping its rules. Most countries still share this same vision: they believe in the benefits of open trade and investment, and are ready to work with us bilaterally and in multilateral organisations like WTO.

We will pursue our trade agenda in the coming months with those likeminded nations. We will continue to make the case of the benefits of the EU trade policy for all, communicating and listening to EU citizens, workers, consumers and business. But building a wall is not the answer.

The success of the EU relies on our open societies and open economies. We all have seen a Europe divided, separated by walls and borders in the 20th century. Those dark years should not return.

Those who, in the 21st century, think that we can become great again by rebuilding borders, reimposing trade barriers, restricting people’s freedom to move, are doomed to fail.

Hela anförandet går att läsa här: The Future of EU Trade Policy.

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